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Support Groups
These groups and organizations offer support and friendship to anybody who is effected by achondroplasia in America.

Human Growth Foundation (HGF)
The families affected by short stature and individuals who are interested in growth problems make up this non-profit organization. This organizations main goals include research of normal and abnormal growth, public education, family education, family support, and education of health care providers. 

The Billy Barty Foundation

This organization supports those affected by more then 200 types of dwarfism. The Billy Barty Foundation address medical, social, and scholarship needs.

International Growth Federation

This group denotes people from all different sort of companies interested in growth disorders.  It has also set up a Dwarf Helpline (800) 24-Dwarf

Little People Of America (LPA)

This is an organization for people of short stature!  LPA will assits Dwarfs of all types and races with physical and mental concerns about having short stature.  LPA provides everything from medical to educational guidance for little people and their families, allowing them to enhance their lives with minimal limitations. Members offer peer support and personal examples for those who reach out to LPA.   


This is the LPA logo

A few LPA members at a banquet